Whether Will power is necessary to allocate time and not that ropyas to consider the plan of release of the child from it roles.

We exempt children from roles If you have time, ask yourself questions.

Whether my child plays any role of the house, at school, with friends, with relatives?

That it for role?

There is something positive in this role?

For example, spirit of fun as troublemaker, developed imagination as visionary.

As if you wanted that the child perceived itself?

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary It is not necessary to bathe right after food, and hour one and a half later.

It is not necessary to bathe at once after solar bathtubs or hard physical activity.

It is not necessary to enter water it is excited ny, sweaty.

Having dumped from itself clothes, sit in a tenka of minutes, have a rest.

If to you it is cold before entering water, be warmed, you halffields some vigorous movements.

Skin before bathing has to to be warm.

Before starting systematic bathings, it is necessary to prepare itself for them rubdowns and douches.

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Protect the child

Protect the child Therefore the role of parents consists not only only in providing to the child the full and safe childhood, ayv volume to protect it from the first type of sufferings: from other living beings, including also itself.

Protect the child from yourself!

Any protection assumes protection against other living beings who can cause problems, including, and it is very important, from patrons, parents.

This protection as from rough manifestations, from rough attacks, and from the thin.

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As a result

As a result As a result there is a big risk that the child will become the person who does not understand the desires at all, has no values and seeks to avoid simply pressure and aggression with whose or the parties, or will acquire suppression tactics, tactics of violence as a natural way of achievement of the purposes in life that, eventually, will make it rather unfortunate.

Now there is not a lot of supporters of strict education though some nevertheless consider that concerning the boy drastic measures are quite admissible.

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To bend a little

To bend a little .

SUMMER SUN Shine, shine, the sun!

The fingertype game Sun see fig.


On a green polyushko, Forefinger of the right hand to bend thumb on the left hand.

On white wheat, To bend a forefinger.

On a pure voditsa to bend a middle finger, On our sadochek to bend a ring finger, On Scarlet Flower.

To bend a little finger.

RAIN The dogeis wild, the doge is wild, on whether vay The fingertype game Rain see fig.


There will be bread a loaf a forefinger of the right hand to bend a thumb on the left hand, Will be roll to bend a forefinger, Will be drying to bend a middle finger, Will be gingerbreads to bend a ring finger, Cheese cakes to bend a little finger.

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